I have been trying to use more hand tools in my woodworking which brings up the issue of sharpening. Well I do not have lots of money to throw at a Tormek system but I may be able to pick up a Worksharp. Especially if I could find one used. I have been sharpening with sandpaper glued to some 1 1/4″ thick plexi glass that is nice and flat. It does take a long time when you get a blade that was not sharpened properly before you got it. I picked up a old plane on Ebay and the iron was not very well taken care of so it took awhile to get it into shape. I also have some turning tools which are next to impossible for me to sharpen that way. I am sure it can be done but for me I can’t do it properly yet. So if anybody has any opinion on this let me know! I will let you know if I get one.


2 thoughts on “WorkSharp”

  1. I’ve been using diamond stones for 6 months now and have little intention of trying anything else. If you have not come across Paul sellers and his sharpening method it is worth a look. I do have a veritas sharpening jig as well that I use occasionally especially when I am resurrection an old blade in rough shape. I have not needed to use work sharps or tormex machines.


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