I have been trying the Etsy thing. At first we were doing about a sale a day and then nothing. My wife came up with a nice little nail polish rack and I made a childs step stool. We didn’t sell any nail polish racks and only 5 stools. I am using there paid ads and have been checking tag words and doing searches to see how they work. I am also doing google adwords.

Nail Polish Rack
Nail Polish Rack

I used to be a professional photographer and had taken product pics before. I do still have some equipment that I can take good pics with. So my issue is that we have a good product at a comparable price but we re not selling. I haven’t gotten any bad feedback but only one customer who was happy and satisfied enough to email and say thanks.
So I guess I am wondering if I should stay the course or just give in. It really doesn’t cost much but if I don’t sell one thing a week it costs money to run the adds. Only seven bucks but that may be just good money after bad.
I saw this Handmade site and requested a page to sell stuff. They say that they will email me when they have room. I wonder when that will be. I like the idea of that site because it is really just a handmade furniture type site and the people that shop there probably are willing to pay what someone like me needs to get to stay in business.
Anyway I would really appreciate any feedback that anyone has on selling online. If there are any other sites besides the two I have mentioned. Thanks!


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