Studio Desk

Studio Desk

studio desk
studio desk

My good friend has bought a new mixer for his studio and he needed a different work station for it. We decided to build him one because they are very expensive to buy from any of the music stores or specialty shops like Guitar Center and Argosy. They want a few thousand up to like six thousand dollars.  At those prices we knew that we could do better. Not only price wise but we could design exactly what he wanted.

We decided to use 2×2 tubing that is 14 gauge thick. The thinner gauge would allow it to be plenty strong but cut down on the weight of the desk. The desk needs to be heavy duty becuase the control panel weighs in at 150 lbs. Plus there will be two 27″ monitors (visual), flat response monitors (sound), the patch bays, power source and effects racks. The racks on the left and right top will hold 4 rack mounts each and the panels on the left and right desk area will hold nine rack mounts each. That will make this desk very heavy. It will also hold the tower and the magma unit that houses the PCI cards for the Pro Tools program. These are not heavy but have to be considered for the area that they occupy. You also have to consider all of the cabling that is required to run this set-up. You would be amazed at the amount that is needed. I mean I know what it takes to wire up one of these units and it still amazes me when I see it all wired.

studio desk 1
studio desk 1

The frame will be all steel but the shelving and the desk top will be oak. The steel will be painted black and the oak will be stained dark.  There will also be a skirt around the bottom to hide all the cabling and to stiffen up the whole desk and keep it from racking. The desk will be almost 8′ long. This may seem large but the one it is replacing was 12′  long. So not only does it hold everything he needs it will also be considerably smaller. Thus giving him some extra space in the control room for a few extra chairs when there will be some people that want to help or watch the mixing and recording process.

I am posting a few pics now and we hope to have a video that shows the build process and how we came up with the design. We kind of just decided on the general idea and went from there. The whole desk was built around the control panel section. From there we designed everthing to fit what he needed it to house. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back!


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