Gas Station

Gas Station

Gas Station
Gas Station

I have decided to start making toys. My Etsy store has not garnered the sales that I had hoped. Maybe I have been to optimistic but I did have high hopes. Well maybe not high hopes but I thought I would get at least 5 sales a week. I think maybe it has been a combination of my photographs and the items themselves. The research I have done suggests that the price is right so that leaves the presentation or the product itself. The traffic has been great. I do get at least 20 hits a day but that has not realized into any significant sales. I am really putting a lot of time and effort into this and would not like to see it wasted. I guess that it will be a life learning experience and has given me a lot of lessons to work from.

I have started making toys because I have a four year old son and he can use the things that I make. This way the time will not be wasted and my son will be very happy. My wife I hope can be ok with all the time that is spent in the shop. At least our son is gaining something out of this whole thing even though there is no money. I also have a new granddaughter and can make stuff for her. I will put those things on the site and see how it goes. Wish me luck!


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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