Nail Polish Rack

Picture Frame

Nail Polish Frame
Nail Polish Frame

Hey all here is an item my wife came up with! It’s something I can take all the little scrap and make something from them. I like that it really doesn’t cost anything to make and people love them. Especially this time of year. It is a nail polish holder that looks very crafty while letting you keep the clutter down and allowing you to hang the stuff out of the way.

I had some trouble at first trying to get the little pieces attached to the frame. I tried a bunch of different ways. I tried just shaping the side that touched the frame with chisels and files and sanding. Very tough to do because they are so small. I then tried to shave the frame some to accept the little piece and that was very tedious and time consuming. I then just put the small piece in the vise and held the frame steady while I attached it to the frame. Also very tedious, time consuming and not very accurate. If the piece was not 90 degrees to the shelf it caused the shelf  to bow.  This happened because the vertical piece was in the blind and I could not tell exactly where it was laying. So I was watching a video on You Tube and saw someone routing a small piece very easily with a homemade jig and although I had thought about this I hadn’t wanted to take the time to make one. Well let me tell you the time that I saved with making just three more frames took less time then making the jig. I’m not a big jig person on most things especially if it is a one off. As I woodwork more and more I am coming around to the idea. I see it as a big waste of time mostly but I’ll tell you what, it sure does make things more precise and a lot easier to deal with. I am always a “time is money” type of person from all the construction years and the brainwashing done by the owners. But as time goes on I am finding out it takes your woodworking to the next level. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Taking our skills to the next level! Making something beautiful that people will walk up to and ohh and aww over. I think that, aside from making money, is the real reason that I do this. Actually there are three reasons. The first is to make money to feed myself and family. Secondly, and this would be first if I did not need the money, to make something beautiful that people will walk up to and ohh and aww over. Thirdly to know that I can do it and to figure out the best way fro me. The last on some days could be the first I think. So anyway I hope your vintage hand planes lifestyle is always smooth and all your woodworking dreams come true!


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