Router Cabinet

Hey everybody, I think one of my first projects of the year will be a new table saw cabinet. I have a renewed interest because of a couple videos I saw on YouTube and a few blogs on the topic. Here’s a link to one video from Rock-n-h woodshop. I had a cart that I stored wood on but store the wood somewhere else now. It has some great lockable casters that are heavy duty. I think this will be the platform for the new cabinet. I am thinking of something like the picture to the right that I found on the internet. The platform is the perfect length and width. Lucky huh?TableSawCabinet1

I saw this design and cut and pasted the pic here. I hope the person who owns this is ok with that. I do not have the sketchup plans done for mine and this looks like a great place to start. I have a older craftsman contractors saw that I bought for 40 bucks. I want to put it in the cabinet nice and sealed so the dust collection is better than I have now. I intend to just have the front exposed and that rest sealed off with the hose coming out the back. I think if the dust collector sucks from the back maybe it will be better. Plus I can put a drawer below and not lose the space to dust. The way it is now isn’t very effective. I would like to incorporate my router in the table top of the saw. Make a cabinet there with dust collection as well. I only have collection for the router when I use my homemade fence. I have the router there now but it is a very quick and crude set up that was thrown together so I could use it for a job I had.

I want better dust collection out of everything and this will be the main  focus of the next month or so of projects after the table saw cabinet build. Being in a one car garage I am realizing the importance of the control of dust. Especially in the winter when I have less circulation. I do not have a window and I do not open the garage door when it is cold out.   When I don’t open the door every once in awhile and blow the dust out it really accumulates. I have a smaller dust collector and a JDS air cleaner but they just can’t keep up. I do not have the collector vented outside and I think one of the things I should do is make a cabinet like John Heisz at  . With mine the exhaust will be filtered back into the shop. I have a smaller unit with a small cyclone but the fine particulate is killer in there. I have the collector up on a shelf out of the way so I can just build a box aound it and put a filter on the side that is easily accessible and interchangeable. I use a full dust mask now and that works well but gets uncomfortable after awhile and I can’t wear my reading glasses. Getting so old now I can’t see the fine print. Before I didn’t want or care to read the fine print and now that I know I should I can’t! Life is cruel!

Hopefully I will be better this year at documenting my builds and shop improvements. Wish me luck! As always ” If I can do it then so can You


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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