Plans for a Pantry Cabinet

Pantry w: DoorI have been working on some Sketch Up (link) plans for a Pantry Cabinet. I realize while building this cabinet in Sketch Up how powerful this program really is. I use the free one so I can’t even imagine what the paid program does for you. I am not proficient with this program by ant means and it probably saved me $300.00 in things I had not thought about while drawing them by hand. I would have realized about these items obviously but only after the estimate was submitted. This program allowed me to build the cabinet virtually and use all the joinery and dimensions as if I was really billing. It allowed me to think more thoroughly on what I needed to do and the materials that would be used. I would have short changed myself on the material costs by as I said almost $300.00. Yes that is a lot I know and not typical of most jobs but we had a lot of things arising that week and on the day I was to submit the estimate. I decided to take a couple hours and work up a drawing. Good thing I did because I can not take that kind of hit.Pantry 3

So the plan I am showing has only one door. I know it’s easy to add the other but to be able to see things more clearly I left it out. While working these up I also realized that I have some real work to do with learning the ins and outs of Sketch Up. It took me way to long to get these right and I still really don’t. The joinery, which is simple, is not shown or in the drawing at all. There are just dados and rabbit joints anyway so not a real loss there. I just have to remember to add a little to the shelves that are going to be stationary. I may go back and add the extra dimensions I need so I will be able to print cut drawings. That is the huge advantage of the program. Allowing you to break the cabinet apart and make a cut list up and a diagram of what you need to cut and how. What I have been doing is drawing my pieces on a sheet with the kerf dimension added and that allows me to see just how much I can get out of a sheet of plywood. There are three shelves on the top that will be moveable and one small shelf on the bottom that will move. So really just the sides, the three shelves and the top and bottom will have any kind of joinery that requires special machining. I had tried to pull the case apart and add this but got hung up on adding the dados to the side. I watched a few tutorials from Jay Bates and Matthias Wandel on You Tube and still could not figure it out. I will try again later because I think my computer was acting up because there were some glitches going on when I was trying to change them. So I hope you all like the plans and if you want I can send them to you. I am only posting pics here but am willing to send you the .skp files that I have. Just send me an email and I will send them off. By the way this is not my design. Thus cabinet is a conglomeration of three different cabinets the customer wanted. Thanks for stopping by and as always “If I can do it so can YOU!”Pantry


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