First off I hope that Matthias Wendel of is ok with me putting his link on my page. The way I look at it is any advertising is good advertising. I really like this build and wish I would have investigated more before I bought a Oneida cyclone for my shop vac. Not that he had his build up yet but there were others posted on You Tube. Buying a manufactured one is much more expensive than making your own. When I first got into woodworking I enjoyed buying tools until I realized how expensive it was getting. I was not making any money woodworking so it was hard to feel ok about spending so much on tools. I am making some money now but not near enough to call it a job. I really just make enough to cover the cost of buying more woodworking tools which is a trade-off I am happy with. I have to say that I think my wife is happy about that as well! This hobby can get damn expensive! Here is the link to Matthias’ build – and here is a link to the Oneida site  –

I bought the small Oneida cyclone from Woodcraft and linked it here. I am very happy with my cyclone. It works very well and I haven’t had to buy a vac filter since I got it a few years ago. So I saved money there I guess. After seeing all these posts on DIY cyclones I am going to build my own. I have a motor that I bought at an auction and I am chomping at the bit to build my own dust collection system. I am in need of a new system because I am in a small garage with no windows and I do not like to work with the door open, especially in the winter. So I have two things I need to do. One is to make the actual collection system and plumb it. The other is to true up my table saw so it is not throwing dust everywhere. It is not real bad but as I get deeper into woodworking I realize it can be better and limiting dust is the most important thing that I can do to make it more enjoyable. Well, as always “If I can do it so can YOU”!


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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