Post Surgery!

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since a new post but I have had a rough couple months. My back had gotten so bad that I finally had to take the plunge and get two of my discs removed and fused. Well it is post surgery three weeks and I guess everything is going well. I am still on lots of pain meds so if this post doesn’t make any sense then you know why!


I had gotten hurt at work awhile back and they have tried to do everything that could be done instead of the surgery. In the end though it was the right thing to do because the pain that I was in everyday was only getting worse and the shots along with nerve burns were just not working anymore. So here we are three weeks post surgery and I am told we are progressing normally. I just hope that the pain can be at a level that will be manageable without to many meds everyday.

The real big news is that I have finally posted my first You Tube video! I want to do some build tutorials and some tool reviews but at this point I think I am just starting out with some Sketch Up Tutorials. I can’t build much in the shop right now but I can do the Sketch Up tutorials and maybe even try some tool reviews. I hope to get these out weekly so please check back often and please hit the like icon and the subscribe button! I do not mind feedback and will try to reply  in a timely manner. Thanks for watching and as always “If I can do it than so can You!”



Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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