You Tube #1

This is my first You Tube video! Hopefully there will be plenty more to come on a weekly basis. I decided to do this as my first video because it is a very important tool in my shop.  This is where it all starts with any project I do. By starting here and getting my idea or sketch into a printable drawing with dimensions is by far the biggest time saver that I have. I remember long stretches circling the shop or just sitting there thinking what the next move was or how I was going to fix the wrongly cut piece laughing quietly laying before me on my bench. Another plus with 3D programs is that you get a feel for how it will really look and a better sense of it’s scale.Noel Stand If a leg looks to fat to thin or the top has to long of an overhang. Then again this can be the exact reason why you need a program like this. You want to break all the rules and are looking at this thing you just drew on your work top bench thinking this is just not right, but….. All your senses and artistic intuition is telling you that it’s right it will be gorgeous! That’s when Sketch up steps in and really shines. You can model that piece to your specific dimensions or it can be scaled to that perfect awkward, breaking all the rules masterpiece. The perfect piece that was blinding you the night before as you lay awake trying to work out the math. If you can not tell I am a big fan of Sketch Up. By no means am I a proficient user. I am just beginning to break into all the potential this program holds. I think that is a major reason why I am incorporating a section on my channel to Sketch Up is because it will help me to learn and become a capable user. Or I may just end up looking like an idiot. This is the part you get to decide. I hope it will be the firmer and you will be a happy subscriber who keeps returning to see what is coming up next week. Thanks for stopping by and as always “If I can do it so can you”!


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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