Late Macbook

Hard Drive Upgrade

I have just finished shooting my 2nd video for my channel and even though I have a woodworking channel I thought I would post a video of my hard drive swap. As a woodworker these days we are all using computers in our shops and they can get rather expensive. Especially when you add all the extra apps and things we need to have if we want to get serious about our 3D drawing programs, print programs and the many other programs for those like me who are posting videos to You Tube. My computer is a late 2008 Macbook that just doesn’t have the power to run these apps and store all the files. I do not have the money to sink into a new computer every couple years like I used to so I upgraded the drive with an SSD drive versus the old SATA drive.

Hard drive
stock photo

I am hoping for a significant increase in speed. Just to give you a little back story of why I am now getting into the video posting scene is that I had gotten hurt a while back and haven’t been able to continue on with my career. I have been forced to change gears. Over the last year and a half of weighing my options and going back and forth on a viable but economically sound and still rewarding career I have decided to pursue videography and web development. The former I do have some semblance of a background in which I will explain now. I started as a youngster pursuing a photography career. By the time I was 21 I was a professional working for three different studio’s as a wedding and band photographer on the week ends and working in the rental department at a large photographic equipment retail and manufacturing company. I had decided to not go to college and to try and break into the bigger studio’s in Chicago. I had a daily interaction with many of these studio’s because I was the one renting them all the equipment they needed for there larger shoots. I knew the camera’s in and out and backwards but soon realized that I wasn’t going to get in with any of those larger studio’s with out a college education. At this very time when that realization was sinking in rather deep I had a great opportunity to become an Ironworker in Chicago’s Local #1. Well even the starting pay was a substantial increase in what I was earning at that time so I took the job. I took this job with the assumption that I would continue with photography as a sideline. Soon I had let photography go and allowed ironworking to be my career. I love it and it is exciting, fun and has a lot of great people to work around. I did that for 25 years and enjoyed almost every minute. All except that last minute which was horrible because I hurt my back and now have been through two surgeries. The outlook isn’t so good to continue in such a labor intensive field. So while recovering, and not being able to do any lifting or standing for more than an hour at a time, I have been trying to teach myself computer skills and learn a lot of the programs that are needed to build a good web site and to make a great video. It seems like it has been a long time learning the little that I do know but at this stage I feel as if I am breaking through a barrier to that next level. I think at this juncture it is more a psychological barrier than anything. I feel that to get some actual schooling in a live situation would be a tremendous help and speed up the process but I can’t afford it right now. I can’t help but to think back to those days hearing those same questions. Where did you go to school? Which college are you planning on going to? So that brings us to where I am today and the awesome opportunity that the computer age holds in it’s soldered hands for us. The knowledge that is given away for free on You Tube and other sites is astounding in it’s magnitude. We can learn anything we want in a couple clicks of the mouse. A couple of minutes watching a tutorial or browsing help forums and related web sites offers us an education never dreamed of just 20 years ago. Well I’m sure some forward thinkers knew but I hadn’t a clue and even resisted getting a computer until 2002! So I am thinking probably the 5th of this month is when the video will be up and hope to get a few more views! I hoping to do a shop tour next so stay tuned and I hope all your holiday gatherings will be safe and fulfilling. As always “If I can do it than so can YOU”!


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