I am making a turtle for a friend that is a replica of one they used as children. They wanted to make an exact copy and I will try to get it as close as possible. The one problem is the color of the vinyl for the seat on the original turtle that I am guessing is from the 70’s. I can’t find that color blend anywhere around town or the internet. The other issue is the color of the laminate that is no longer available. I will try and match that with paint but it will be difficult because of the pattern. Although not to intricate I think it will be challenging for me. Making the actual turtle is the easy part. I talked to them and we decided to do a dark brown for the vinyl and they are ok with me trying to replicate the color of the laminate. So I will post again when I finish and do a side by side comparison. Thanks for reading and as always ” If I can do it then so can you!”


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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