Whoa Nellie!

horseHey everybody this is John at onecarwood and I am writing this little article to just let everyone know that I am going to continue on with making these videos no matter not to many are watching. I am grateful to the ones that do. Thank You! I am not in this for any other reason other than to get better at woodworking and at computer programs that I find very interesting. I am really into making things with my hands and love to work with the computer. I have always been in the trades and only recently have become interested in getting a deeper understanding of the computer and the web as well as certain programs. I think that You Tube is the renaissanceĀ of this generation and am very happy to jump on the band wagon. I am only disappointed at the fact that I did not embrace this technology sooner. I think that there is only an upside for me in all this. That upside is knowledge and keeping the mind snappy. Lately I have been leaning heavily on the computer side of things because of my health. I have had a recent back surgery and can not do all the things that I would like to do so learning Sketch Up and the ins and outs of You Tube and WordPress have satisfied me up to a certain point. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could garner the viewership of say Think Woodworks an Ibuild It or Woodgears but maybe some day (hopefully sooner than later) I will.

The reason I have titled this post “Whoa Nellie” is because I tend to get ahead of myself in things that I feel passionate about. I have always had very little patience and that is why I was a good Ironworker. In the trades there is no time for lolly gagging and you need to just get it done versus doing it better. I should say most of the time just good enough will sufice instead of doing an asthetically pleasing or proper job. So that is how I have lived my life thus far. Now I have to learn to step back and take my time on the projects I do instead of just getting them done. I mean still get things done in a timely manner but take that extra step too make it special and to make it stand out. I have every intention of doing so at the start of something but as it moves along I find the mentality of just get it done creeping in and before you know it I am just hacking away. I am really starting to get annoyed by this and I feel as if I can’t stop it! Maybe just putting it in writing will have some effect and proof reading this will allow it to sink in. I made this birdhouse and did the same shit. Just hacked away! In my defense I did go into this project with no plan and just a thought of a round house. I wanted to see what would come of it. Well it is not one of the better looking things I have made. Somehow I get this idea in my head that I have to do this fast so if I made these to sell I can make money from them. Why I do this I don’t know. Woodworking is probably the last thing I will make money at these days. Everybody wants a Van Gogh for Winnie the Poo prices. I mean to try and make money at this game I need a different strategy a really different strategy. I am starting to wonder how wrong I ma doing things. Maybe by taping and watching myself will give me an idea of what needs to happen. I don’t know maybe this isn’t the thing for me. I don’t really believe that because when I want to I can make some great stuff I just have to learn to shut out the clatter and surface noise and just listen to the flow. Well thanks for hearing the rambling and as always “If I can do it so can you!”


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