Getting Cold!

Hey everybody it is starting to get cold out and that is always a harder time in my shop. I do not have a central heating or one of those nice ceiling gas heaters or even insulation in my garage so it die slow me down sometimes. I use just one of those sundial type burners on a propane bottle. I have seen a lot of people posting about how dangerous it is to have an open flame in a woodshop and totally agree with that. Saying that I still do have one but I am very careful on how I use it in there. Being a one car garage it is small as well so things are close but I always make sure they are far enough away and I do not leave it unattended. I sure wish I had one of those natural gas ceiling heaters like my brother does because man doe stat thing work well. I also wish I had a nice electric one which are not that expensive and could keep that place toasty but I do not have the power to run one of those and run my machines. I tell you what that would have been the first upgrade I would have done to the garage if I didn’t rent this place. I would have insulated and installed a nice 220 panel from the house so I could upgrade my saw and have a nice heater out there.images

Like I mentioned things tend to slow down out there in the winter but it isn’t so bad most of the time. Unless it get’s around ten degrees fahrenheit I really am ok because obviously there is no wind and I can run that heater close by so as not to get my hands really cold. Once it has been running for an hour it is warm enough just to have a flannel on and no gloves which is nice. I was worried at first as to the ventilation issue and I think it is ok because there are so many ways for the air to be refreshed. With the gaps in the garage door and no insulation I do not have to worry about that issue. Just being cold! So it may seem early but I am already checking to make sure I have propane and my heater works so I am not left in the cold. Oh there is one note about propane tanks that I did not know until last year and that is you have to get them certified every 5 years. I think that is a farce myself and a way to make money off us but that is the rule here in Chicago. A certified tech has to make sure your tank is ok to be continued to be filled and is safe. I would think they would last forever and until last year had never run into this situation before so I do not know if this is just around here and a new thing or if it is nation wide but I think it still a scam. If I was filling them I would pretty much look them over every time I filled them so I didn’t hurt myself and if they looked suspect I wouldn’t do it. Plain and simple! I guess with the way people like to blame others for they’re stupidity and are so damn sue happy that these ridiculous rules have to be dreamt and enforced.


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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