Rockler Gun/Spraying

I bought this sprayer from Rockler over a year ago and haven’t used it but twice. I have had a few projects such as the one I am about to paint today where something like this could work very well. In the old days I used to spray all the time in a shop that had a dedicated spray booth and clean up station. I don’t have that and it always seemed to much for me to go through just for painting. The clean up intimidated me and also the fact I hadn’t used a gun in so long. I keep telling myself spray cans are just as good and easier if not better cuz there is no clean up. Truly not the case. I finally broke down and had my brother over the other day because he still does a lot of painting and was a pro for many years. It is one of the things he is best at and had a rather large client base that still tracks him down after all these years. I needed a refresher coarse to get my confidence back and to feel enthusiastic about the whole situation. Before he came over I put together a make shift paint booth in the basement because I do not have enough room in the shop and the weather is quite cold here now. It actually worked out very well because the room I broke in half  has ample power and a window for exhaust of the overspray. Another huge factor is the smell. Paint boothWhen painting in the house that smell seems to permeate every nook and cranny but by putting plastic on the ceiling and the walls I have sealed it enough so a box fan in the window does a great job of keeping the smell away from the family and the boss! At any rate with my spraying lesson and an example of the proper and sufficient cleaning of the tool I am ready. Cleaning has always been probably my biggest excuse for not using a sprayer. I was always worried, or at least used that excuse, I wouldn’t clean the gun good enough and would render it useless. It is actually just as fast as cleaning a brush out properly and if you use a brush and a roller it is faster. Even if using oil-base it is still faster and easier. So all my reasoning has been shot with enough holes that I think I am going to be using this gun much more often. I have also seen a gun called the Critter that looks like a very promising tool and can be used with a pancake compressor. It also uses mason jars for the cup so you can store your thinned material and very easily see the paint color at a glance. I really like that and I think if I start spraying enough I will try it. So off to the paint booth with me. Wish me luck! As always “If I can do it so can YOU!”


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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