Neck Fusion!

Hey everybody I hope all is well and everyone has a great Christmas and a safe New Year or a wonderful Holiday season! I am having a rather rough holiday even though my daughter, granddaughter and in laws are in town. I love them all a bunch and it is great to see them I only wish it could be all year long but they live far away and it is not in the cards right now for me to travel all that much to see them. So when they are here I try and relish the moments. The rough part in all this is that I ended up haveing to get the 5-6-7 cervical fusion done on the 6th of December right now before the holidays when all the action and parties are upon us. My conspiracy mind is thinking that the workers comp guy did it on purpose just to be a real asshole. We were pushing to get this done months ago and he would not OK the surgery even though all the Doctors knew it had to be done. I couldn’t continue on the way I was the pain was just getting to great. I guess what he did do for me by waiting was take away any trepidations that I had about going ahead with another surgery. The pain was getting worse by the day. I think that the nerve burns and steroid shots that had been done to rectify the pain was wearing off and the true gravity of the situation was starting to rear it’s ugly head. So everything happened when and how it should have because there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was the proper action to take. Three months ago I was not so sure. If the comp guy was trying to mess with me he actually did me a solid. The post pain was very, very bad with this surgery. Right now two weeks out the pain meds are able to do the job but if you would have asked me a week ago I would have just looked at you and cried I think. It was a very tough situation that came about only two days post-op. I caught this flu from my son. It has to be the worst one I have ever had and along with me my wife contracted it also. Two days post-op I am coughing and sneezing as well as throwing up. Let me tell you how much your neck is involved in all those movements. A whole helluva lot! The third night post-op we are rushing my son to the hospital because he looks and is acting very sick. We get him to a suburban hospital here in town and they decide to rush him to Children’s downtown Chicago. Not so much because of the flu but because he has a disease called NDI and when he gets sick it is always a touchy situation. So I am rushing all over and we end up there for two days. Finally we get home and all of us are just sick as can be and a few other personal issues roll in just for that final kick in the knads to make sure we are down and not getting back up. Holy hell that was a rough couple weeks! I think maybe in the top 5 of my lifetime. Man o man am I glad that is over and I am recovering nicely from the flu and the surgery and I can try to enjoy my holiday. So needless to say I haven’t really been getting after the channel or the page here but I will slowly get back into it. 567 cervical


I have been sidetracked really for a few months with my You Tube channel and rethinking the whole idea and deciding which direction I want to go. In the beginning I just wanted to post some vids of me doing woodworking and be done with it. So I did that and I am getting absolutely no hits and that is the reason I haven’t posted here in awhile as well because I get no feedback or looks here. I think I have decent content. Just as good as a lot of the others out there that are getting some decent feedback but I seem to get none. So I haven’t really decided yet if I will waste my time doing this or not. I know I am a good enough woodworker and editor but I guess not a good enough content builder, if that makes any sense. I mean really the whole idea of my channel was to show the mistakes so people could learn from them. I learn better that way and if I do then so do others. I guess just not enough. I was hoping to get some back and forth with that but that never happened. So we shall see what I decide to do. It will be at least four months before I get back to work so I got a little time to make up my mind. Wish me LUCK! Have a great Holidays the one or two that read my posts!!!!


3 thoughts on “Neck Fusion!”

  1. you certainly have had a rough start to the Holidays I hope you recover quickly and that you have a good time over the holidays and a great 2015
    I am in a similar situation but trying to decide what I want to do as I am still sorting out my new workshop and don’t seem to get the time to do vids ,editing etc…

    whatever you decide to do I wish you good luck for the future



    1. Thanks Phil I really appreciate that. I think we should continue to do vids. I was thinking about it today that even if it is for our own record of visually seeing our improvement. I hope you have a safe awesome holidays!


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