Working on a new site!

Hey everyone I found a new program called Muse from Adobe and I am really psyched about it. It is a website development program that allows you to get a very polished unique looking site without knowing how to code. I have been working with it for a couple weeks and have done the Lynda training module on it to figure out the basics.  I think is great. I like the variety of things you can learn and there teachers fit my style. That is not to say the other learning sites are any less I am just saying that fits me well. I think the second most important thing with any learning site is that there style fits you the first of course is the content. I found them when trying to learn FCPX but, in my opinion, they are lacking in that respect.  For Adobe products I think they are very good. There is loads of content and a plethora of teachers. I have been able to watch a ton of content, as of late, because I can’t work due to an injury so I have gotten my monies worth that is for sure. I have never taken an actual online course before but they are mostly very expensive and I can not see what they could do better. So if you are like me and are not going for any certs I think it is the best and least expensive way to go. Well there is always You Tube but they are always lacking because most are just snippets of lessons to draw you in and get you to buy there training videos. Much like Ripple Training, who I love, for FCPX. It is a great example of a group putting up loads of content and great information but at the same time not enough but to scratch the surface. I have purchased there training videos and have been very happy with those in case you are wondering.

So back to Muse. I have been plugging away and really like the program so far. It does have it limitations but as time goes on and the updates roll out they are chipping away making it better and better. I expect to see it as a very useful program for setting up a site without coding.  The one caveat is the way you export your finished site. Let me preface this with I ma new to Muse and I could be wrong but all I have read so far leads me to believe that it is not very easy to export your site but to Business Catalyst which is Adobe’s hosting site. Obviously this costs more money and from just a cursory glance seemed rather expensive. I know that there are ways to export your site to the likes of WordPress and whatnot but it seems much less intuitive then pushing to Business Catalyst. I know that they have a business model and they are in it for the money so I am going to let that one pass but that would be a great feature to add a module that has some of the most popular blogging and hosting sites so you could upload with a few clicks. I would also like to see being able to easily take your theme and be able to publish it as a WordPress theme. By that I mean being able to have options that are easily manipulated once outside of Muse. Let’s say so I can change the background or simple color changes without having Muse on my local machine. This I think could get rather complicated and would detract from a reason to get Muse and allow to many third parties to use Muse as a business. On that note I have seen a lot of sites where you can buy themes, just like WordPress, but you need Muse on your local computer to manipulate it. Let me just say that I am new to Muse and could be totally off base. That being said I would think these would be big selling points and if Muse could do such things they would make it very apparent to the user. I do not want to put the wrong impression out there either I really do like Muse and foresee it being a game changer in the future.

As I reread my post I think Muse may sound just like a lot of other sites that have web site building capabilities. I have tried a lot of these sites, and think there is no need to name them they are numerous, but they are light weight compared to Muse. Those sites really have just a few templates and then design them slightly different so they can say they have a 1000 different themes. In actuality they do but in my opinion not really. In Muse I can change most everything and manipulate sizes,locations,colors,and fonts just to name a few. I can also add widgets, that are customizable, for slideshows and links to social networks and much more. Plus they have a responsive design option. You have to actually add your content to your other page sizes instead of it populating it for you but the templates are there and you basically drag and drop your content into the other layouts. One great feature that I have yet to fully figure out but really like is the infinite scrolling feature. What is meant by that is that you really have just one page and as you scroll there is a lot of movement and sliding. I love that and am trying desperately to get it to work with my design direction. I think the reason that I am having so much trouble ids because my design is just not right and I need to take a step back and go a different way.

Well this is getting longer than I wanted it to so I will sign off for now! Oh one more thing I would like to say. I know my page sometimes goes in numerous directions but I think times are changing and to be just focused on one thing is not realistic to our times. I do not know very many people that just do one thing even if they are just hobbies. Most people that I know have there passion and job, if they are lucky they are one and the same, and a few hobbies or at least a serious hobby they spend most of there time and a few side projects. So that is where I get all this seemingly unrelated interests. Really to me they are not unrelated they all tie into my ultimate goal of having an engaging and informative website as well as a polished professional You Tube channel. So as always “If I can do it so can YOU!”


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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