Go Get Muse and Edge Animate!

Edge Animate
Edge Animate

You have to give Edge Animate and Muse a try. There are free trials for them. I never usually tell anybody to go get something. I will tell people how pleased I am with a project or item I have bought but never tell them they have to buy it. I guess never say never! I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of Adobe Muse especially now that I found Edge Animate which is the sister program to Muse. They are integrated so it is a very easy thing to design a motion graphic in Edge and then get it into Muse. All these sites that I go to that have the motion graphics as there headers or landing pages are now accessible to everyone. Don’t get me wrong there is a learning curve but if I can learn this stuff then I am sure you can to. I think that this is a game changer in the web development business and is probably making lots of people cringe and scared for their jobs. What was once unobtainable to the laymen is now totally feasible for him/her. Like I stated there is a learning curve but not that far out of reach for a woodworker or laymen such as myself. The biggest factor here is actually designing your graphic and if you can’t draw then that is ok because there are a lot of free graphics content on the web and places where you can buy and then use openly without worry of copyrights. I mean you can design a great site not unlike the ones that stick with you after you have visited. There is a new thing going round the web where everything moves as you are scrolling. Most to me are not done very well but that is even possible with Muse and Edge. So go give it a try I put a link in the beginning of the page to the site you need to go to so you can try it out. If you do please let me know how you are doing on a new Google Plus page I started for Muse. Thanks for stopping by and as always “If I can do it so can YOU!”


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