Best Ever IPad Case V.2!


Hey Everyone! I think this is the Best wooden iPad case I have designed yet! This time I went back to trusty old Sketch Up to do the design and make sure all the bugs I ran into in the previous versions didn’t crop up here. I think I have fell upon the best one so far. The key words are “So Far”. Who knows maybe in a few days or months I will have a design that I like much better or with the help of some of you and your ideas we can refine this thing to be the best ever! For a wooden case I think the foremost thing on my mind is the weight. and then a very close second would be the strength. Really, either of those can be interchangeable. Obviously you want it strong so your rather large investment into a luxury item is safe. Equally as important is the weight of the holder with the iPad in it because you will be holding it for possibly long periods of time and you don’t want it to be heavy. Next that brings up how comfortable it is to hold. I am talking not only breaking the corners but also bringing it down to a very fine and smooth finish. Next we want to make sure we don’t scratch the thing sliding it in and out and that is what the felt is for. If you look at the top and  took it off you would see that it is held on by magnets. The magnets will be glued into the top piece and screws will be inserted into the case itself for the magnets to grab. I’ve made a cavity at the bottom to redirect the sound towards me and with the last version I found out it needed some softness so that area will be lined with felt. That will absorb the tinny sound and deepen it up a bit. The redirection of the sound actually makes it sound much louder and I was pleasantly surprised. There is a hole for the main function button and one for the camera. I decided not to worry about the volume controls because that can be controlled on screen and the top power button can be accessed by just puling off the top. This may turn out to be a little inconvenient, I shall see. I added the most important measurements to the drawings you see here but if you would like just email me and I will send you the .skp file so you can change it if you would like. It may be nice to have a starting point to then manipulate to your own design. I know this is very simple but sometimes it is nice to have most things done for you already it might save you some time. So let me know what you think and as always “If I can do it So Can YOU!”


Let me know what you think. I'd love to here from you!

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