The Keurig is HERE!

K-cup drawer
K-cup drawer

Hey Everyone I have some great news for me! I have been wanting a Keurig coffee machine ever since I had done some remodeling at a M&M factory here in Chicago and they had a coffee machine that was to die for. I forget the brand of that actual one but it was the exact same style as the Keurig but on a commercial scale and the unit used pouches instead of k-cups. They had a whole station set up for the employees with every flavor known to man and the best part it was all free! Needless to say I was sad to finish that job not only for the free candy but as it had turned out the coffee as well. The free candy was a plus because everyday you were allowed a dip into the candy bin. It was “OK” to grab as big a hand full as you could and stuff it in your lunch pail. This just happened to be around Halloween that year and a lot of specialty candies were available. One thing I did like was that their factory was spotless and they took that very seriously. We had to go to a two hour class just to learn where we were allowed and what we had to do not to get the place dirty or dusty. Although this post is about the coffee the candy was a nice bonus and I just thought I would share that story with you.

Back to my new machine. Myself and my wife went to the store to get this baby and me being who I am wanted the biggest most belled and whistled one but my wife, the sensible one, talked me down so we bought the single cup K45 version. Perfect for us and since we had a Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon and I had a $100.00 gift card from a previous birthday present we only actually paid $17.00! We even got an extra box of k-cups! I am sitting here this morning drinking a cup right now and man does it taste good! So I am very happy (so far) with this purchase I just hope it stays that way! Thanks for taking your time to read this and please sign up to the mailing list to get these in your inbox every time I post or just drop a note to let us know whats up! As always “If I Can Do It So Can You!”


Awesome Fast Cap Camera!

I have been looking for a good shop camera and I think I have found it! I have used the Go Pro and if you watch the linked video he even names them and tells you the differences between the two. I know that he is a salesman for his products but he does hit the nail on the head when he touts the features of the Fast Cam versus the Go pro. I have not used the Fats Cam so do not know if what he states is actually how the camera works but I have used the Go Pro and do know the draw backs that he talks about. That is why I eventually sold the Go Pro it just didn’t work for me. The clincher was the actual footage and the major fish eye in my garage. When outside with the Go Pro it is much less noticeable but inside with all the straight lines you can really tell. The tight shots are horrendous. Go Pro now has a better camera and like he says the video the upgrades are all extra as well as the better camera with less fisheye.  I am going to try to get enough cake together to try this one or hopefully someone else has had the camera for awhile and can let em know if this has a good quality picture without all that fisheye! 

Neck Fusion!

Hey everybody I hope all is well and everyone has a great Christmas and a safe New Year or a wonderful Holiday season! I am having a rather rough holiday even though my daughter, granddaughter and in laws are in town. I love them all a bunch and it is great to see them I only wish it could be all year long but they live far away and it is not in the cards right now for me to travel all that much to see them. So when they are here I try and relish the moments. The rough part in all this is that I ended up haveing to get the 5-6-7 cervical fusion done on the 6th of December right now before the holidays when all the action and parties are upon us. My conspiracy mind is thinking that the workers comp guy did it on purpose just to be a real asshole. We were pushing to get this done months ago and he would not OK the surgery even though all the Doctors knew it had to be done. I couldn’t continue on the way I was the pain was just getting to great. I guess what he did do for me by waiting was take away any trepidations that I had about going ahead with another surgery. The pain was getting worse by the day. I think that the nerve burns and steroid shots that had been done to rectify the pain was wearing off and the true gravity of the situation was starting to rear it’s ugly head. So everything happened when and how it should have because there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was the proper action to take. Three months ago I was not so sure. If the comp guy was trying to mess with me he actually did me a solid. The post pain was very, very bad with this surgery. Right now two weeks out the pain meds are able to do the job but if you would have asked me a week ago I would have just looked at you and cried I think. It was a very tough situation that came about only two days post-op. I caught this flu from my son. It has to be the worst one I have ever had and along with me my wife contracted it also. Two days post-op I am coughing and sneezing as well as throwing up. Let me tell you how much your neck is involved in all those movements. A whole helluva lot! The third night post-op we are rushing my son to the hospital because he looks and is acting very sick. We get him to a suburban hospital here in town and they decide to rush him to Children’s downtown Chicago. Not so much because of the flu but because he has a disease called NDI and when he gets sick it is always a touchy situation. So I am rushing all over and we end up there for two days. Finally we get home and all of us are just sick as can be and a few other personal issues roll in just for that final kick in the knads to make sure we are down and not getting back up. Holy hell that was a rough couple weeks! I think maybe in the top 5 of my lifetime. Man o man am I glad that is over and I am recovering nicely from the flu and the surgery and I can try to enjoy my holiday. So needless to say I haven’t really been getting after the channel or the page here but I will slowly get back into it. 567 cervical


I have been sidetracked really for a few months with my You Tube channel and rethinking the whole idea and deciding which direction I want to go. In the beginning I just wanted to post some vids of me doing woodworking and be done with it. So I did that and I am getting absolutely no hits and that is the reason I haven’t posted here in awhile as well because I get no feedback or looks here. I think I have decent content. Just as good as a lot of the others out there that are getting some decent feedback but I seem to get none. So I haven’t really decided yet if I will waste my time doing this or not. I know I am a good enough woodworker and editor but I guess not a good enough content builder, if that makes any sense. I mean really the whole idea of my channel was to show the mistakes so people could learn from them. I learn better that way and if I do then so do others. I guess just not enough. I was hoping to get some back and forth with that but that never happened. So we shall see what I decide to do. It will be at least four months before I get back to work so I got a little time to make up my mind. Wish me LUCK! Have a great Holidays the one or two that read my posts!!!!

Getting Cold!

Hey everybody it is starting to get cold out and that is always a harder time in my shop. I do not have a central heating or one of those nice ceiling gas heaters or even insulation in my garage so it die slow me down sometimes. I use just one of those sundial type burners on a propane bottle. I have seen a lot of people posting about how dangerous it is to have an open flame in a woodshop and totally agree with that. Saying that I still do have one but I am very careful on how I use it in there. Being a one car garage it is small as well so things are close but I always make sure they are far enough away and I do not leave it unattended. I sure wish I had one of those natural gas ceiling heaters like my brother does because man doe stat thing work well. I also wish I had a nice electric one which are not that expensive and could keep that place toasty but I do not have the power to run one of those and run my machines. I tell you what that would have been the first upgrade I would have done to the garage if I didn’t rent this place. I would have insulated and installed a nice 220 panel from the house so I could upgrade my saw and have a nice heater out there.images

Like I mentioned things tend to slow down out there in the winter but it isn’t so bad most of the time. Unless it get’s around ten degrees fahrenheit I really am ok because obviously there is no wind and I can run that heater close by so as not to get my hands really cold. Once it has been running for an hour it is warm enough just to have a flannel on and no gloves which is nice. I was worried at first as to the ventilation issue and I think it is ok because there are so many ways for the air to be refreshed. With the gaps in the garage door and no insulation I do not have to worry about that issue. Just being cold! So it may seem early but I am already checking to make sure I have propane and my heater works so I am not left in the cold. Oh there is one note about propane tanks that I did not know until last year and that is you have to get them certified every 5 years. I think that is a farce myself and a way to make money off us but that is the rule here in Chicago. A certified tech has to make sure your tank is ok to be continued to be filled and is safe. I would think they would last forever and until last year had never run into this situation before so I do not know if this is just around here and a new thing or if it is nation wide but I think it still a scam. If I was filling them I would pretty much look them over every time I filled them so I didn’t hurt myself and if they looked suspect I wouldn’t do it. Plain and simple! I guess with the way people like to blame others for they’re stupidity and are so damn sue happy that these ridiculous rules have to be dreamt and enforced.

Whoa Nellie!

horseHey everybody this is John at onecarwood and I am writing this little article to just let everyone know that I am going to continue on with making these videos no matter not to many are watching. I am grateful to the ones that do. Thank You! I am not in this for any other reason other than to get better at woodworking and at computer programs that I find very interesting. I am really into making things with my hands and love to work with the computer. I have always been in the trades and only recently have become interested in getting a deeper understanding of the computer and the web as well as certain programs. I think that You Tube is the renaissance of this generation and am very happy to jump on the band wagon. I am only disappointed at the fact that I did not embrace this technology sooner. I think that there is only an upside for me in all this. That upside is knowledge and keeping the mind snappy. Lately I have been leaning heavily on the computer side of things because of my health. I have had a recent back surgery and can not do all the things that I would like to do so learning Sketch Up and the ins and outs of You Tube and WordPress have satisfied me up to a certain point. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could garner the viewership of say Think Woodworks an Ibuild It or Woodgears but maybe some day (hopefully sooner than later) I will.

The reason I have titled this post “Whoa Nellie” is because I tend to get ahead of myself in things that I feel passionate about. I have always had very little patience and that is why I was a good Ironworker. In the trades there is no time for lolly gagging and you need to just get it done versus doing it better. I should say most of the time just good enough will sufice instead of doing an asthetically pleasing or proper job. So that is how I have lived my life thus far. Now I have to learn to step back and take my time on the projects I do instead of just getting them done. I mean still get things done in a timely manner but take that extra step too make it special and to make it stand out. I have every intention of doing so at the start of something but as it moves along I find the mentality of just get it done creeping in and before you know it I am just hacking away. I am really starting to get annoyed by this and I feel as if I can’t stop it! Maybe just putting it in writing will have some effect and proof reading this will allow it to sink in. I made this birdhouse and did the same shit. Just hacked away! In my defense I did go into this project with no plan and just a thought of a round house. I wanted to see what would come of it. Well it is not one of the better looking things I have made. Somehow I get this idea in my head that I have to do this fast so if I made these to sell I can make money from them. Why I do this I don’t know. Woodworking is probably the last thing I will make money at these days. Everybody wants a Van Gogh for Winnie the Poo prices. I mean to try and make money at this game I need a different strategy a really different strategy. I am starting to wonder how wrong I ma doing things. Maybe by taping and watching myself will give me an idea of what needs to happen. I don’t know maybe this isn’t the thing for me. I don’t really believe that because when I want to I can make some great stuff I just have to learn to shut out the clatter and surface noise and just listen to the flow. Well thanks for hearing the rambling and as always “If I can do it so can you!”

New Logo with Adobe Illustrator

As of late I have been trying to learn Adobe Illustrator along with a video and photo editing software. These are huge programs to try and self teach. One thing I have realized is that they are very similar.  What I have been doing wrong is spreading myself across a few different programs thus confusing myself which has slowed me down considerably. These programs have been around for quite sometime but I have never really had the necessity or drive to learn them. I now find myself in the nice position of having plenty of time to learn them.Adobe-logo

Here are a few observations that I think are of some importance for someone trying to do the same thing that I am attempting. One is that Photoshop seems to be the gateway to all the other programs. By this I mean that Photoshop will set you up with a good foundation and make you a better video editor or a web page designer. Photoshop is a huge program that is not just a photo editor. You can develop wire frames or whole web pages and even edit some video as well as manipulating your stills. You can mess with text and even do some drawing all with this one program. Now don’t get me wrong there are better apps for some of those things but if you have to you can get away with just this one app. It has taken me awhile to come to this conclusion. As you are reading this you may say to yourself “A yea duh”! I just did not know. I have been a construction worker for the last 25 some odd years and haven’t had the time to dive very deep into this sort of thing. I didn’t even buy a computer or even use one until 2001. Like I said very late to the game. Another thing is that to make any web page or even to post a good article with great pictures you need Photoshop(PS)! I have looked around and noticed that the pages I like the best and respect the most have been very carefully crafted and I believe Photoshop is a big reason why they look so good. I have also realized that to make a good web page and or site that it all starts way before you even get into your web editor. You have to sit down and get all your files together so you can add them into your wireframe. A huge part of this can be done in PS. Your images and your header or logo even has to be realized and edited before you can apply them. What I have been trying to do is go in without a plan or anything ready and make up a site from nothing. I have been getting my images and designs from around the web. This is the wrong way to go about this. The reason I thought this was the process is because of all these website building businesses that are out there. They are advertising how easy it is to build a site and do not want to let you in on the secret that it takes much more than hitting a few keys and using photos off your phone. Now this can be perfectly fine for a lot of sites and people do not care but if you plan on developing a professional looking page then that is not the way to go. The images and fonts need to be processed and manipulated to look good and blend with the design and feel you are trying to achieve. I have tried those sites and have never come away with something that I was proud of. They all look the same because for the company to make money they can only give you very few options and templates. They all say they have a thousand or more templates but when you really look at them they are all basically the same just a different header or maybe the sidebars in a different spot. Nothing fluid or crisp and different looking. People are going to see your page and be lees than impressed so may not come back. It definitely needs to have some continuity and flow about it. The only way to achieve that is to do it yourself or have a pro designer which costs a lot more money than I have. I am using now but when I get savvy enough I plan on moving to I can have all the freedom I need to manipulate my site to exactly how I envision it and it’s free!

So that brings up my final point and that is that you do not have to lay out a bunch of cash to get this all together. I can have my site on WP for 13 bucks a year and post videos on You Tube for free with a link to them so I don’t need a bunch bandwidth or space. My domain name is only 10 bucks a year so after I learn how to get this together it will be very cheap to sustain. I have a cheap still and video camera that are allowing me to capture high quality images and my computer is a middle of the road one as well. It’s not the fastest one out there but it isn’t a netbook either. So I am going about this as cheaply as possible and you can to. The digital age is an awesome thing. Like I said I am late to the game and things are changing at break neck speed so hopefully I can learn fast enough to become relevant as a web designer. Wish me luck!

Garage Sailed!

We are having our garage sale this weekend and guess what.


Yes of course it’s raining cats and dogs out there! Before we had decided to do our garage sale we were keeping our eye on the weather waiting for the right time to come along. Thinking this was the right weekend because the outlook for rain was around 12%. Not!

It’s been raining all night and doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. I worked in the trades for 30 years and someone once told me that if there are air bubbles forming in the puddles expect all day rain. I just looked out the window and guess what I saw. Yep you have guessed it! Bubbles in the puddles, all day rain. What really gripes me the most is our last garage sale a few years ago was the exact same scenario. My wife works for a month on and off gathering and pricing everything and making sure it will be a relatively painless procedure. I just can’t imagine how hard it is for her after all that work. I am thinking it will be awhile before she has the heart to do another one. I won’t mind though these are a big pain in the wahtoosy, if you know what I mean. We started yesterday so all our stuff is at the front of the house on tables so passersby can see out wares. It is quite a bit of stuff so we decided just to cover it with taps last night instead of matching all the way to the garage and hope for the best. After ten hours of manning the sale and setting everything up neither of us wanted do anything but eat and relax. So hopefully it will not rain the rest of the weekend and we can get rid of this stuff. I’d we do not it all goes to Good Will. I am not very optimistic because the forecast is between 12 and 20 percent.


Wish us luck at sailing all our unused stuff into someone else’s basement and to not get sailed into the storm drain. Alright if all our junk sailed down the drain I wouldn’t mind all that much. Just as long as it’s out of house. So wish us luck and have a great weekend!