Adobe Edge Animate is Easy!

I have been doing a lot in Edge Animate lately. It is another program to learn but if you are going to use Muse to build a site, in my opinion, you need to use Edge Animate to design the site up to the expectations of todays standards . There is a page experience people expect these days and Edge is an easy way to accomplish that. Once your animation is complete it has a simple process to import it into Muse. Adobe has great help and support pages that have everything you need to get started and more to learn these programs. From there it is easy to navigate to the Forums or more help resources for the particular project you want to create. I know that my page is a woodworking page but in these times a person that doesn’t have the extra cash lying around for a webmaster or developer can save a lot of money if they do it themselves. Being the type of woodworker I am it is just the right diversion for me when I can’t get into the shop or, God forbid, I just don’t want to. I will point out the obvious in that there is a cost associated with the way I have chosen but to me it is way worth it because of the end result. The cost of a full membership to Adobe Creative Cloud is $50 a month. I know that there is a lot of controversy out there among the pro’s about this new subscription base because now you do not actually own the software but to me it allows me the chance to give it a shot without investing a $1000 on the whole suite. I do understand that this will affect the people who do this for a living because it is available for the masses now and people can, like myself who have the time, instead of having a site just like everyone else can create their own unique, for good or bad, site without the cost of paying someone. I like that very much because I am DIY all the way. I know that this will not interest everyone but I have always had a passion for art. I was a Professional Photographer and semi-musician before my construction or woodworking days and have always been very interested in what the computer has to offer in the development of my artistic ideas. I love to draw but I am not very good at it and these programs allow me to create “Art” that I can be proud of.edge_animate_hero

So Edge is a must-have tool for me in creating a web site. I know there are a lot of other ways to create these animations like Motion 5 by Apple or After Effects by Adobe but these are video files and are rather large causing a page to have slow load times. You can also create them with Java and other languages if you know how to write code but I do not so this does it for me. This is what Edge does it writes your animations in HTML/CSS and Java which keeps them very lightweight and fast to load. This does create limitations for me because if I did know how to code Edge would allow me to go in and enhance the code it writes to further it’s capabilities. Right now I have to rely on other peoples coding knowledge and copy and paste it for my purposes. I hope in the future that I will be able to do these kind of things myself.

Like I have mentioned earlier I am in the great position to take advantage of the extra time I have to learn these programs and I understand most probably won’t have this kind of time available. Most people however may have more experience with computer technology and will not need the amount of time that I do to get a handle on these. Like I say in every one of my articles If “I Can Do This So Can You!”