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Logo_SketchUp_PRo    Hey everybody I am doing a series of videos on Sketch Up’s (download here) tool set. I thought that it was a great idea to do some  short separate videos on each individual Sketch Up tool. I believe that this will be beneficial to the user who is a new beginner or one who just wants a quick refresher on a certain tool. They will be relatively short videos, depending on the tool of course, and in that respect should save time for one to find just the info they need at that particular point in there project. I have been doing a model in the past and wanted info just on a particular tool or part of  one and had to either watch a lot of content that I didn’t need at that moment or try and search for my answer which also wasted a good bit of time. I hope that these quick videos will be of some help because I know that they are helping me out tremendously! What I mean by that is by doing these videos I feel the need to research each tool and find out exactly how it works and to what extent. How it relates to my projects and how I can better and more economically use Sketch Up. I am innately lazy so to do this unless I have a good reason it wouldn’t get done. I hope you all enjoy and learn as much as I am and if I have missed something please let me know so I can add that to the video. If you have the capability send me a video of your skills and interpretation of the tool and I will add it to mine!

Links for tools:

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Eraser Tool

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Rectangle Tool

Circle tool

Polygon Tool


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